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The General Anatomy of a Commercial Real Estate Purchase

If you are interested in investing in real estate, but have no idea how to proceed, look no further, for below are the typical steps involved in a commercial real estate purchase.

Purchase Contract

This is usually the first step in a real estate purchase. The real estate agent will draft a purchase agreement that is to be signed by both the purchaser and the seller. The agreement would consist of the price of the property, the type of title (freehold or leasehold), conditions attached to the sale and the deposit to be paid by the buyer. The purchase agreement would also detail the items included in the sale, curtains, carpets, wall decorations etc.

Due diligence

This is generally a time period (usually 10 days) during which the purchaser inspects the property to ensure that it adheres to the purchaser’s standards. Generally it involves checking the condition of the property, whether some faults have gone unreported, and whether the actual value of the property commensurate with the amount of money the purchaser is willing to pay.

Land information Memorandum / Search title

A Land information Memorandum details useful information with regards to the property. It is generally provided by the local council and consists of liabilities of the property – presence of hazardous substances, prone to earthquakes and floods etc. – , the rates of the property and classifications related to the piece of land that the property sits on. The title search, meanwhile is ascertain the type of title the land -on which the property sits- holds, whether it is leasehold or freehold.

Review bank documents

The seller would then review the buyer’s bank documents and assess whether it’s genuine. A mortgage by the bank usually consists of a promissory note and a mortgage document. A promissory note is generally a letter by the buyer that states that the buyer is willing to repay the loan amount, along with the interest incurred. The note would also include the terms of the loan and the proposed time period for repayment. A mortgage document, meanwhile states that the buyer owns all rights to the title, but is unable to transfer ownership until the loan amount is fully repaid. In the event that the loan is not repaid in full, the lender is allowed to repossess the property.


This would be the last stage in the purchase. The buyer would deliver payment, whereupon the seller surrenders the deed to the buyer. The new deed will then be registered with the local land registrar’s office.

These are the general steps involved with a commercial real estate purchase. The process may seem a little tedious, as with most other legal proceedings, but is easily understandable if you acquire the services of an experienced real estate agent.


Florida Lawyers and the Basic Florida Criminal Code


There is no easy criminal case. All of them are very difficult and hard to manage. Thus, a person defending himself/herself must have a plan on how to win his/her case. If you are one of the person facing criminal charges, the very first step that you should take is to find a good defense lawyer. But looking for a good defense lawyer is just easy. You can just find them and contract with them online. On the lighter side, the local government of Florida will not leave you alone in the whole stage of criminal proceeding.

They will assign a defense attorney to assist you with your case as well as those who are knowledgeable enough with basic Florida criminal code. These lawyers are also known as public attorneys or public defense attorneys. These lawyers have specialized in defending persons who are facing criminal charges. They have a lot of experience about their field and they can surely handle your case well.

Also, these lawyers can formulate plans on how to win your case easily and fast.

Your criminal defense lawyer should also orient you on how to you should behave on during the criminal trial. He/she shall give you a list of “do’s and don’ts” that you should be observing at http://www.hg.org/crime.html from the whole criminal proceeding.

Note that there is a tendency for you to outburst because of the emotional challenge that you are facing. Defendant often cries out loud during trial, this has happened many times and the public understands such behavior. But while the people understand, the magistrates and the judge were not always tolerant on these happening. They prefer preserve the rule of law and peaceful proceeding while inside the court room and the trial is ongoing. If you cannot behave well, the court will not think twice to strike your behavior down and it will cite you in direct contempt of court.


Also, before jumping in to the trial, you will have to discuss with your lawyer the evidences the prosecution will be showing, you and your lawyer must come up to a plan to demure each evidences. Hence, you should be able to produce witnesses and evidences to prove your innocence.

There are so many things that may happen during the whole process of criminal proceeding. From filing of the complaint, to the promulgation of judgment and up to where the judgment becomes final and executor, many things may come up, and even endanger the life of the witnesses and the accused. These are the things that a criminal lawyer should be aware of.click this link for more reviews.

Find a Lawyer


How to find a lawyer is a often asked. However if you are asking the question in New Zealand you should remember that the “lawyer” is an American term and New Zealand lawyers actually call themselves barristers and solicitors – which is the UK usage. Most people looking or legal advice in New Zealand need a solicitor, while a barrister is the legal counsel who represents the client in court. New Zealand lawyers are usually qualified as both but will normally specialize in one or the other profession and also specialize in the type of law they practice in.

Specialist areas of law practice include family law, divorce law, wills and estate law, property law (conveyancing), and criminal law, among others.

When you are trying to find a lawyer you should take the same approach as with engaging any professional, you should be clear as to their fees and costs and what the minimum cost you are up for. You should understand what they can and cannot help you with – a good lawyer will tell you this in the initial consultation. If the matter that you wish to consult a lawyer on is less than trivial you should perhaps choose a lawyer you feel comfortable with. Try to get a recommendation from another professional. For example if you have an account find out which law firm they work with most. This can be a advantage if you have a case which requires cooperation between the two. After all a lawyer is human and too and some will just have a better working relationship with some other professionals than others.visit this link.


You should also consider how easy it is to get to your lawyer’s offices. Parking for law offices in http://www.lawsociety.com.au/community/findingalawyer/findalawyersearch/ for Lambton Quay or The Terrace can cost a fortune and be difficult. If you live in the Hutt Valley you may wish to find a lawyer in the Hutt. Some lawyers work as part of large firms and have the resources of those firms as backup. This can be a great advantage but it may also mean that they charge a little more.

Other solicitors work as so practitioners, out of their own home or maybe shared-office space. They can be more convenient to get to if they are in smaller centres such as Kilbirnie or Johnsonville but they may also have no backup if they go on holiday or get sick. On the other hand they may be cheaper and perhaps less intimidating to deal with than the large Featherston Street law practice where you might feel like you have to be wearing a dark suit just to be allowed into the reception area.

Copyright Laws On The Internet


Copyright laws are intended to protect original works of authorship. This applies to fiction and non-fiction, written words, audio and video. One of the popular misconceptions regarding copyrights is the idea that a work must be registered with the government in order for it to be legally protected.

This is certainly not the case. As soon as any form of authored work is set down on paper, placed in a electronic or digital storage system, or preserved on film or videotape, it is considered to be the property of its creator. The Internet has been the subject of recent challenges to copyright infringement laws, and although the official description of copyrighted material applies to the World Wide Web, enacting and enforcing current laws is extremely difficult.

What Is Protected On The Internet?


Basically, all of the text, video, audio, webpage construction and template design is under copyright. However, the rights do not necessarily extend to the individual or company that uses someone else’s design. Although permission may be given to use a webpage template, the actual template design is still copyrighted by its original creator. This is why most webpages have a bottom line of text explaining the ownership of the page design.

A webpage itself is protected against copying in its unique design. In other words, the combination of the text, graphics, links, html code sequencing, and any audio or video accompaniment is considered a package in and of itself. go to http://www.pitt.edu/~skvarka/education/copyright/ for more information. If an individual writes the code for a webpage, creates all banners from scratch, designs the link buttons, and authors all audio and video presentations, then he or she owns the rights to all the material displayed online.

What The Individual Is Allowed To Do


Anyone who finds a webpage template that is advertised as free can use it. Otherwise, the page can only be copied with the permission of its creator. Any linking to another website is allowed, assuming that any rules outlined on the linked page are followed. This would include citing a source on the page that contains the link, or properly hyper linking the keywords.


What The Individual Cannot Do


Webpage creators cannot include any content that is already appearing on another site, without express permission from its author. Copying and pasting material from another webpage is considered plagiarism, even if the pasted material is a combination of excerpts from multiple sites. Any emails sent from another individual or company cannot be copied and pasted into a separate webpage without permission. Many companies are happy to share their advertising banners, but permission must be obtained unless the banner or logo is described as freeware. Most merchants want to know who is using their material and how it will look on a webpage before they give approval.Click here.

Internet copyrights are the same as those for books, magazines and audio recordings. The 1998 changes to copyright laws now allow for an individual or his/her estate to claim rights of authorship for as long as the creator lives, plus 70 years.

When you need a Land Lawyer


You probably have asked yourself the question; why do I need a land lawyer? If you are selling or purchasing any property a Land Attorney has a very important and specific role to play in the process.

You have already made the decision to put your property on the market, or you have already decided that you are in the market searching for that perfect piece of real estate, that was the easy part. Your very next decision ought to be who will be advising me to make the best possible decision I can make without breaking the law or putting myself at a huge disadvantage. Rather than trying to figure it out all on your own, you may want to choose a land lawyer with vast knowledge of the issues involved with land laws and who is able to help you to accurately navigate unchartered territory.

Land Attorney’s come in handy with the paperwork

You will need to sign several agreements and in order to make informed decision it is highly suggested that a land lawyer reviews all documents before you sign an agreement. This is to ensure that your right and responsibilities are all clearly outline and understood. Your land lawyer will ensure that all your obligations are met on paper before advising you to sign any documents. If adjustments are necessary you want to have a land attorney who is aware of the law and understands the jargon making these corrections for you before signing.

Get the protection you need

The real estate market is a place where fraud can persist and you want to protect yourself from this. To ensure that you are assured of your purchase of property your lawyer can take steps on your behalf to procure Title Insurance. You will be guaranteed ownership of the property if this is in place. You want to ensure that all research into the title is conducted so that no claims of ownership can be brought against you once you have made your purchase. There are times when property titles have come into dispute and you will need legal representation to settle the matter. Rather than wait for a claim to be brought against you, take preemptive action by hiring a real-estate attorney to make thorough checks into the ownership of a property before making an investment.checkout this informative site http://www.lawavery.com/need.html.

Estate lawyer guarantees your payment and secure your money

Selling your property can be daunting especially if it is your intension to buy another property after you have sold. You do not want to prematurely release your property and transfer documents to the incumbent owners until you have been paid. Your land lawyer will ensure that you have received payment before you have given your buyer the keys to your property.


A land lawyer will bring you up to speed on all the payments associated with closing the deal. On your own you may not be able to recognize everything that will be required. An experienced estate lawyer will be able to advise you of all the relevant payments and taxes, registration fees as well as insurance necessary when purchasing a property.

How to Find a Quality Estate Attorney

estate attorney

People go about finding an Estate attorney in many ways. There is the old fashioned ask a friend or family member who has used the servicing of a real estate attorney. This is not a bad option; after all you should be able to trust the opinions of those closest to you. If a friend or family member used a real estate attorney that was very good and helped them to close on their desired property you should have few qualms about using the same land lawyer when you are buying.

Recommended Real Estate Attorney

While personal recommendations are a good place to start you may want to consider getting professional ones as well. If you have a lawyer who has represented you in other matters, he/she may be able to recommend someone who is in the business as a real estate lawyer.

Although colleagues may offer biased opinions, you should be able to trust your lawyer to recommend a good estate attorney to you. You can be assured also that you will be offered fair value and quality service if the firm of which you are a client has retained the services of a land lawyer and is recommending him/her to you.

Search Internet for Quality Estate Attorney

The internet is also a powerful search tool when you are searching for an estate attorney. Gone are the days when directories made of tons of sheets of papers were considered as search engines. At the click of a button or several buttons you can locate real estate lawyers in your area and also read and review testimonials posted on their websites to have an idea of how they are rated. Simply typing into your preferred search tool real estate lawyer will find you a host of possibilities and will even allow you to review their qualifications without leaving your home to attend a consultation that might very well cost you.

Looking for professional lawyer in Bar Association websites

There are websites that allow you to specifically review attorneys in many different types of practises and this might be a good place to deepen your search for a real estate attorney. They provide detailed reviews which give you a better chance of exploring the quality of several lawyers and the length of time they have been practising and also give you the opportunity to research their success rate and whether or not cases have been brought against a particular real estate lawyer.

estate attorney

If all else fails and you haven’t been able to find a quality estate attorney through any of the aforementioned methods of searching, you could always resort to picking up the oldest used method of searching for anything including real estate lawyers, looking them up in the phone book and making a few phone calls. Set up several meetings with different real estate attorneys, you can explore those who work independently or those who are hired by a firm. A real estate attorney who is working with a firm automatically has more resources at his disposal thus increasing his value.http://www.laweasy.com/q/60613142908/how-do-you-find-a-good-estate-attorney~ has more details.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Estate Attorney


When tackling the real estate market you will have many concerns about the processes and you need to hire an experienced estate lawyer to challenge unforeseen circumstance that you will encounter in your quest to purchasing or selling a property. However, as many positives as there are, there are draw backs to having a land attorney.

Advantages of hiring an Estate Attorney:

• Your real estate attorney will have a lot of experience when it comes to interpreting and knowing the law. Far more experience than you have for sure. Having an estate attorney to help you navigate your way through timely negotiations that will require the utmost diligence when it comes to ensuring that you are following the law.

• Another advantage of hiring a real estate attorney is that he will be able to simplifying the laws for you. The language of these documents is not easily decipherable to the common man and the land lawyer you hire will be able to explain the laws that are relevant and applicable to you.check available info at www.landattorneyrochester.com.

• If you are the seller or buyer be prepared to deal with the real estate lawyer hired by the other party. If you are not prepared to handle negotiations with a land lawyer, because you feel that you are being loop holed due to a lack of understanding, having your own land lawyer puts you in a distinctively better position than entering discussions without sufficient knowledge.

• Owning property comes with paperwork and it cannot be overemphasized just how important it is that everything is carefully documented for a smooth transition of ownership. To ensure that all the relevant taxes and insurances are paid your real estate lawyer’s wealth of experience in filing taxes will come in handy.

Consider disadvantages for some estate lawyers,

Having examined some of the advantages of hiring an estate attorney here are some Disadvantages for your consideration:

• Legal counsel is costly and so hiring an estate attorney will add to your financial burden. You have to be prepared to handle all the fees for which you will be responsible once you have contracted a land lawyer.

• If your estate attorney is not completely honest and up front with you, the ramification can be devastating. You might be billed for more hours than he actually works. It may also mean that when it is time to close the deal you will be faced with special fees and surprise charges that were never discussed in your initial encounter.

• You may want to get things done in a hurry but your real estate lawyer will need time to ensure that everything is in order before allowing you to sign off on documentation. You might also find that he has to make several adjustments to the documents and also ensure that the other party is in full agreement with the adjustments before a deal can be made.


Hiring a property or land lawyer will have some huge benefits because having an experienced estate attorney is your best bet when doing business on the real estate market.

When tackling the real estate market you will have many concerns about the processes and the many challenging unforeseen circumstance that you will encounter in your quest to purchasing or selling a property.

8 Easy steps for Choosing a Real Estate Lawyer


If you are going to battle, you want to assemble the best team you can find. The real estate market is like a battlefield, you have to be calculated in your efforts to snag the perfect piece of property. The General of your army is your real-estate attorney.

Here are 9 easy steps to prepare yourself for real estate transaction:

1) Do your research; everyone’s track record will speak for itself. You will need to find yourself a good real-estate attorney and knowing exactly what he is capable of is going to be one of the most important things on your checklist when shopping for a real-estate attorney.

2) When you are making your selection you must ensure that the person who will represent you in negotiations and litigation of real-estate in which you are interested is a ruthless real-estate lawyer who specializes in real estate law.see more at www.landattorneycincinnati.com with your real estate attorney must know exactly what you want when conducting real estate deals and must be willing and able to represent your needs to the full extent of his duties.

3) A real estate lawyer, who is brought in to close a deal, should leave the table only after he has done a fine job of negotiating with the seller/ buyer. If he is not able to get fair market value for a property, he is probably not worth the amount he is charging. He should have anexcellent knowledge of market trends and prices.

4) Do not be afraid to check his credentials, ensure that he is not being sued for mal-practice or is not facing sanctions from the Bar-Association before you hire him. Many real-estate lawyers have unhappy clients who are not too pleased with their work.

5) Ask your potential real-estate lawyer to refer you to former clients who can vouch for his performance. You may also request professional references from those who are familiar with his/her practice.

6) Never hire the first real estate lawyer with which you schedule a meeting. Even if you are convinced he or she is the right person for the job. Interview at least three potential representatives before coming to a final decision.

7) A good real estate attorney will approach you with confidence, and will be open to listening to what you want without dominating your meeting. Great communication skills are one of the main areas of focus. If he is able to convince you then he will be able to negotiate well on your behalf.


8) Be prepared to ask as many questions as it will take for you to feel comfortable selecting a real estate lawyer. When you have exhausted the things you wish to know about his capabilities based on his responses then and only then should you consider hiring a real estate attorney.

Find out up front what fees you will be charged. You do not want to be surprised by fees that were not discussed at the time of hire. All commission that is to be charged must be announced upfront. Your real estate lawyer must be fair at all times especially when dealing with you.